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Dealers and OEM users.

Wolfetone is seeking to expand it's dealer and OEM user network throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Asia.

If your store is interested in becoming a Wolfetone dealer or OEM user, please email me with your contact information, store name and location, website address if there is one, and a request for the dealer/OEM price list. If you know a store or guitar company that should become a Wolfetone dealer or user, please let them know!

Wolfetone is happy to do link exchange with any of it's dealers and to place dealer logos on our links page..

We have no minimum monthly or yearly purchase requirements, and prefer to work with small, privately owned stores specializing in good customer service. We prefer orders in the 10-20 item size, but are able to handle orders as large as 100 pieces or more.

Typical Dealer/OEM delivery time are about four weeks, but please allow up to six weeks, as delivery times will vary according to our current workload.


For Guitar companies and individual luthiers, we are happy to provide either models from the standard line, or to develop models especially for the needs of the guitars you build.


Waiting to hear from you,

Wolfe macleod



lair lore products order class howl links